Irene and Bob Pickering at the September 11-14, 2003 14th Reunion, Colorado Springs

Narsarssuak Air Base Association (NABA)

Thirty years had slipped by when in 1981, when two former Greenlanders,  Art and Elizabeth Turner,  from San Antonio, Texas began the search. In three years over 165 former Greenlanders had answered the call for a Reunion.

So once again we got together, older now but the laughter rang out in the barracks, the NCO and Officers Clubs, we sailed the fjord and listened to the gale winds and watched the icebergs and spring arrive in the frozen north and the Eskimo's come for a visit.. We listened to the gab in the mess hall and the ever present dog in the theater bark now and then. And, once again, we watched those northern lights and sunsets in the Arctic. And, we renewed old friendships. No, Greenland Base Command has not closed, at least not in our thoughts. The folks still at Narsarssauk and even those who have retired ,like Jorgen Svennson & his wife, Marie, from Denmark, who attend the reunions , are a wonderful link to the past.  ...... Roger Bowen.

If you would like to be a part of this association please Email John Camealy for information. Anyone that was associated with the Narsarssuak Air Base is welcome.

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