Col. Henry Dittman by his son, Ralph Dittman


Col. Henry Dittman (1915 - 1980) was base commander of BW-1 from the summer of 1949 to the summer of 1951.


BW-1 runway, looking south toward the fjord.


My older brother, Henry Dittman, jr., was six when we arrived; I was two and a half.

My father, born in Houston, Texas, was a track and football star at Texas A&M, class of '39. Hence, the usual greeting of "HOWDY", or the expletive of "GIG 'EM". One of his first assignments was with a fighter group in Hawaii, and then a bomber group in the Phillipines. He was at Clark when it was bombed by the Japanese. My mother was at Pearl Harbour when it was hit. Dad was at the Pentagon when he got his assignment to BW-1. This was his fourth base command job.


Ralph Dittman, 1999