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During 1951 I was contracted by the Philco Tech Rep Division to perform electronic equipment maintenance and technical training for the USAF Airways and Air Communications Service (AACS). Starting with WW II demobilization in August 1945, AACS technician/operator staffing plummeted from 56,000 to 5,000 by January 1946 without decreases of scale in global mission requirements. Approximately 6,000 tech reps then began working throughout the world. I was a lucky "Johnny Come-lately" tech rep, USAAF radio mechanic training, augmented at Boston, Mass in 1950-51, and AACS experience gained in China, Germany and the United States (1943-49) fitted the job. Three month of advanced training at tech rep headquarters, Philadelphia, PA, expanded that baseline to systems where hands-on experience was absent. Thus, did I embark for "Sunny Southern Greenland" and "Simiutak (Island) by the Sea", a.k.a. Bluie West 1 (BW-1) and Bluie West 3 (BW-3), where for nineteen months job challenges and camaraderie fostered lingering memories recalled at this time.

- - James F. (Jim) Chase, July 1999     (Jim is no longer with us, he died in his sleep 12-2-2000)     

Jim Chase - Note Hallicrafters S-38 radio in background


At BW-1  Narsarssuak

At BW-3 Simiutak

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Jim Chase, 1999